The Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) will hold its 6th Annual Conference at the Melbourne Campus located in the heart of the vibrant Melbourne CBD on Monday 28 October 2013. ACAP has a proud history of educating students with skills for making a difference, and the conference aims to bring together the ACAP learning community including students, academics and teaching staff, together with ACAP managers, mental health policy makers, practitioners, and researchers from the broader community.

The Conference Theme 

The value(s) of evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence in the helping professions is central to ACAP’s mission regarding excellence and ethical conduct in professional practice and scholarship. The current theme reflects the importance ACAP places on maintaining a balance between research and practice, whilst also providing scope for addressing consumer and carer needs that have emerged from the national mental health priority. 

Get Involved 

Submissions are welcome in areas that address the conference theme. In particular we would welcome abstracts that address one of the following key areas: 

  1. Teaching evidence-based practice;
  2. Supporting consumers and carers with evidence-based approaches;
  3. Key evidence to develop public policy for the helping professions;
  4. Evidence of the effectiveness of the therapeutic alliance;
  5. Changes to and implications of the DSM-V in practice; and
  6. Practice-based evidence: examples [or case studies]. 
Call for papers